October 2019

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May 2019

Spring dates, Denmark:






February/March 2019

We are so excited about this upcoming recording session at Damon Castillo's studio in San Luis Obispo. We invite you to be part of it. As participating live audience you will witness the recording process as well as being captured on tape - if you feel like singing along! Your presence matters! We hope to see you there.Tickets are limited and only by reservations. No walk-ins. Thank you. Purchase ticket here!







To Wake You's 6- track EP "Beauty In The Smallest Things" released on February 10, 2017.



Video premiere for "Where the Day Went" of Beauty In The Smallest Things


“Where The Day Went” is an outlier in modern collections of music which represent the unfathomable pace of globalization. Stitching together a quiet reflection, To Wake You capture their truly abstract form within the cinematography of the piece... (read more)



WHAT IS IT? / TO WAKE YOU (Single released on 7.15.16)

 The second single from To Wake You is two-sided: it has two songs, yes - but it’s also a dance between the band’s two members, Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis. Both songs were written while the duo lived miles apart (Hausted in Denmark, Davis in California), preparing for a life together in no small part through musical dialogue and collaboration. There is contrast: Hausted’s What Is It?” floats with a feminine sweetness, while Davis’ To Wake You” rumbles with an aching masculinity. Yet, the songs both still live on the same planet.

 While it is safe to consider these love songs, there is something else going on here, something pointed toward in the dreamy, layered quality - both sonically and lyrically - that unites the tracks. We’re in the land of wonder, of mystery, of the subconscious (think The Swell Season with a dash of Radiohead). It’s music to close your eyes to and travel.

 Whether one is migrating into a new love or a new land, taking the plunge into the unknown brings both excitement and fear; one can feel suddenly awake, emotions open up, nature sparkles and speaks, yet it isn’t always a comfortable ride. To Wake You brings two songs here that contain both these sides, but ultimately this music is an invitation to find beauty that wasn’t noticed before. It’s an offering from the romantics that we will be all right in doing so.


NOT GONNA FALL (Single released on 5.6.16)

Eight years is a long time. Long enough, in fact, that it may justify the use of the term ‘destiny’ when describing the Shakespearean-esque coming together of San Luis Obispo, CA’s To Wake You; the main difference here being that this story seems set for anything other than tragedy.

Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis - who first connected eight years prior to the start of a relationship that would inform Hausted’s subsequent immigration from Denmark - wrote the duo’s first single, Not Gonna Fall, whilst hibernating amidst the Sequoia’s on one of many visits between their then-distant homes. Snowed into their remote lodgings with little but a piano for entertainment, the song was written to remind each other that it’s okay to fall, so long as you fall forward.