Karoline Hausted first began playing the piano at age six, and has since woven together influences from jazz and classical to world / folk music to synth-pop. Her four solo albums echo a variety of expression from minimalistic and acoustic flavors to tracks that have a more electronic and atmospheric feel. 

Karoline typically records most of her songs on her own, playing keyboards, beats and singing, before turning to collaboration with musicians and sound engineers, often across borders. 

Since her solo debut, Double Silence (2009), she has traveled the world and lived in various places while recording and releasing three albums, Drawings (2010), Jeg tror jeg drømmer (2012) and Echoes (2013). Jeg tror jeg drømmer, featuring songs in her native Danish, earned her nominations for the Danish Music Award's ”Track of the Year,” and for The GAFFA Award for ”Female Artist of the Year”. 

Since 2011, Karoline has called California home.

Karoline’s songs come out of years of honing a universe of subtle melancholy. The hushed and dreamy quality which runs through the music is not accidental. Hausted’s expression is in a vein much like that of a modern Stina Nordenstamm or acoustic Kate Bush, fueled by an inner necessity, where intimacy, subtleness, and scarcity of production add up to a very loud whispery cry that seems to stem from somewhere within the singer’s very soul. Maybe through these performances we come as close to just that as we possibly can, and this is why the impact is as powerful as it is. Rather than insist on getting the listener's attention, Karoline instead trusts that one can navigate themselves to where the neck hairs stand up straight. 


“Once again a very special tone and mood ... blissfully impossible to put into any genre box" 

-Pelle Sonne Lohmann, GAFFA Music Magazine.


“Dreamlike, magnificent, magic, fragile and subtle” 
- Sabine De Greef, With Music In My Mind

Harmonic fullness and startling beauty…”
- Jean Pierre Moya , Rockomondo

“A voice that can melt the darkest of hearts…”
- Music From Another Surface

“Haunted… Breezy melodies that float slowly across the room, never pushy, and leaving the listener to his imagination, sometimes so much so that just the moments of silence and the sound that was not played particularly stimulates the imagination.” 
- Ariane Seelaff, White Tapes

 “ … an absolutely gorgeous track from Danish songwriter Karoline Hausted… I don’t understand one word she says, but that doesn’t mean a thing. This is some beautiful stuff.”
– ObscureSound.com.

- Klaus Lynggard, Information has written about Karolines Danish songs that:

 "... Here is something as rare as an original artistic temperament at play. Hushed, special and urgent, she is addictive as drugs and completely impossible to get out of the system."

"The well-written lyrics center on longings and dreams, often in the form of small dense storytelling ... Double Silence does not yell out loud, but deserves to be heard."
 -Ole Rosenstand Svidt from GAFFA about ' Double Silence. '

And Ivan Rod from Gaffa had the following unequivocal message:"Denmark has with Karoline Hausted obviously gotten itself a child prodigy in the singer / songwriter tradition."




Echoes (2013)
Jeg tror jeg drømmer (2012)
Drawings (2010)
Double Silence (2009)

Website: karolinehausted.com