Mark Davis, long recognized as one of Southern California’s most passionate and lyrical artists, gathers inspiration from sources both personal and universal, from the simple moments of daily decisions to larger questions of faith and love. Mark’s first release in 1995, “You Came Screaming” received astounding praise, including being named by Los Angeles Times as Album of the Year and Orange County’s #1 Album of The Decade.

Musically, one of Davis’ hallmarks is a strong, memorable melody, placing him in a territory reminiscent of George Harrison or Peter Case; and almost all of his recorded songs feature essentially his edgy voice with a guitar or a piano in a rather raw and vulnerable presentation. All the while, however, many of them are immersed in a sonic soundscape of layers and strings or sometimes noises and loops, often unexpected, conjuring shades of Radiohead or the Flaming Lips. 

Mark first garnered attention from fans and critics in 1990, during Southern California’s highly acclaimed Nu-Folk Scene. After growing tired of striving for the mythical “brass ring” of a major record deal, Mark decided to create a collection of recordings for his liking alone.  Thus was born the 1995 release You Came Screaming, graced by several talented contributors, including the late-great guitarist Duane Jarvis (Lucinda Williams, Frank Black), guitarist and singer Andrew Williams (Williams Brothers, produced Peter Case).
Mark spent the most part of the late 90’s living in Brittany, France, where he played in pubs, wrote songs, learned French, and began writing his first book, god in chains.  Also during this time, Mark would visit Southern California a few weeks at a time to record his second CD, Immaculate.  With the collaborative help of guitarist/engineer Matt Walin, bassist Al Wolovitch, drummer Monte McConnell, and guitarist/co-producer Casey Dolan, the result was more electric and experimental than You Came Screaming’s dreamy song-cycle.

“Have I been looking for the key to a door that’s never locked, never been?
If it’s really up to me, I’m thinking that it’s time to let me in.”

Mark currently has two new releases. The first, Because There’s Nothing Outside, is an album about belief and questioning (as can be seen from the lyric above, from the song “Black Cloud”). In a universal sense, it tells a story of someone breaking out of a prison, out of an identity they’ve been squeezed into, and can no longer tolerate. Such a box may be from a cultural/religious upbringing, but ultimately it is self-inflicted.  With Because There’s Nothing Outside, Davis is sticking his feet into these waters and kicking. 
At one point in the track “Untitled”, we hear the acoustic instrumentation practically disintegrate before our ears into a sea of distortion, as the lyric culminates into “ and a billion losers left the game with a belly full of sand.” A moment later, we are lifted by beautiful lilting violins - and this tension, or interplay, between beauty and despair is typical territory for Davis.

The second new release is the remarkable From Back of Beyond (In Tribute to Duane Jarvis), consisting of tracks from a live-to-2-track session Mark and band (including Duane Jarvis on guitar, vocals and mandolin) recorded in one long day at The Control Center in Hollywood back in 1991.

Davis is also the author of the book, God In Chains, a spiritual autobiography and companion piece to Because There’s Nothing Outside.

"Getting at large truths with songs full of human-scale detail and unsentamentalized beauty.”
-Los Angeles Times

“Davis is truly a master of his craft… able to lift spirits even while supporting the weight of the world.”
- Orange County Register


From Back Of Beyond (2015)
Because There’s Nothing Outside (2015)
Immaculate (2000)
You Came Screaming (1995)

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