To Wake You (US/Denmark)

It took them eight years to reconnect. Now here finally is the fruit of their collaboration.

To Wake You is the musical marriage between two soul-friends, with songs of wonder at the mystery of love, written from opposite sides of the globe.

In 2002 California based Mark Davis and Danish Karoline Hausted crossed paths for the first time, at a songwriters retreat on the Island of Samsø in Denmark. This coming together resulted in one co-written song, and although they were both left with a significant impression, a glimpse of something intangible - and maybe asleep - the two went on from there with their separate lives. They did not have any contact for the next eight years.

Their second meeting would take place in 2010, when both were invited to the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, and this time that something came to be awakened.

Mark: “Re-meeting Karoline was like a giant hand swooping down and slamming a giant door behind me. Going to Denmark and the festival, I felt more in tune, more awake, than I had ever before. It makes sense now that we met again at that time… and with it I entered a completely new world. No matter what was to come, I wanted to be close to her and I needed to say so. The songs came effortlessly.”

    “Was just planning to say hello/ I wasn’t looking I wasn’t lonely/ My mood was perfect the day was fine/ I wasn’t seeking a change of mind/ But it’s all gone now…/ I don’t know where I’ve been/ Now I can feel so much within/What’s happening to me? The pull is worse than gravity.”
                                                         (from Mark’s song “Worse Than Gravity”)

The time between that festival and Karoline leaving Denmark to be with Mark one year later, proved to be an opening into a creative vista, two hearts migrating into an almost forgotten land. With the “luxury” of great physical distance - and the tools of modern technology- the two were able not only to gently ease into each other’s personal worlds, but were also able to continue their musical dialogue from right where it had been left off in Samsø. It became a year of writing songs to each other, about the longing between them, the accompanying fears, and the mysterious nature of love.

Karoline: “I was in a surreal state of mind. At the time I lived on Møn, a small island, where I had a lot of time and landscape – space, sun and sea - to myself. It was like a beauty or a mystery that I had not noticed before was opening up to me. The songs emerged out of everything that was happening and my desire to share it with Mark, who was so far away and whom I was falling in love with deeply. I recorded down ideas like a mad person. I think these are some of the best songs I’ve ever written.”

    “I’m hiding here/ In daytime I can run through any forest/ It’s always good to be reminded…/ The pull towards/ the hidden meaning of the words ‘adore you’/ At night I climb them like a ladder.”                                                   (from Karoline’s song “Where the Day Went”)

Now Mark and Karoline have gathered these songs together, decided that they need to be shared, and are now taking the step of recording and performing them live under the name To Wake You.

Karoline: “In those eight years when we didn’t speak, our lives took their courses just as they were supposed to. I do remember checking into Mark’s website a couple of times during the years, and I was always met with a picture of him lying in the grass, eyes closed. Ah, he is sleeping, I thought.”

Mark: “Sleep tight/ Love has always been by your side/ Waiting”
                                                                (from Mark’s song “To Wake You”)


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