Music: Karoline Hausted
Words: Karoline Hausted & Mark Davis,
with a quote by Rabindranath Tagore, from his collection of spiritual poems called Gitanjali (or “Song Offerings”).

We approached this song as a simple mantra, knowing that we wanted the musical motif to repeat itself with little change. The words at the end, borrowed from the Bengali mystic Tagore, were our starting point: “Be still my heart - the great trees are prayers.” We worked backwards from there, imagining words that the trees themselves would be singing.


Blessed with Light
Praised be the One
Blessed with Life
Praised be the One
Blessed with Love
Praised be the One
Blessed with Peace
Praised be the One

Rooted in Love
Showered in Rays
Each drop of Rain
Sing we your Praise

Be Still My Heart
The Great Trees Are Prayers