Music: Karoline Hausted & Mark Davis
Words: Our rendering of something Hildegardian

For Hildegard of Bingen, everything greening is sacred. While living with texts from her Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum (“Symphony of the Harmony of Heavenly Revelations”), we essentially began in something Hildegardian in spirit and freely journeyed beyond strictly following the various translations. We explored the nature of the praise song by allowing lines of texts that Mark had stumbled upon in various sources to move organically over Karoline’s harp and the heartbeat of the drum. In simple terms, we are celebrating Creation and connecting the green, refreshing life of Nature to the vibrant expression of Divinity itself.


O most noble Greenness
Rooted in the sun
In the clear bright calm
you shine within a wheel
No earthly sense or being can comprehend you.
You are encircled
by the very arms of Divine mysteries.
You are radiant like the red dawn
You glow like the incandescence of the sun
O most noblest freshest Green
As morning dawns you blush
As sunny flames you burn
O most noble Greenness
Rooted in the sun