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Winter & The Sacred Tree Concert

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To Wake You's Winter and the Sacred Tree concert offers a communal celebration of winter through reflection on the themes of the Sacred Tree and the return of the light of the sun. Combining piano, celtic harp, guitar, percussion and vocals, the set of songs is mostly original material, but also integrates some Gregorian Chant, and texts from Hildegard von Bingen, Tagore and ancient Scandinavian sources.


The Tree has always been a powerful symbol around the globe, reflecting the grandeur and mystery of nature, both rooted and touching the heavens. Karoline is a native of Denmark- yet it has been while living in California, with some distance, that a deeper reflection on Nordic mythology has emerged. This set of songs explores the mystery of how the World Tree of the North, Yggdrasil, appears to be intertwined with the decorated trees of the Christian tradition.


Here is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on deep nature, the sacred, and our relation to them.


The experience is meant to be contemplative and meditative, with no applause between songs, and culminating with a lovely sing-along. It has been performed in various settings, such as spiritual centers, churches and other community rooms.


The Winter and the Sacred Tree concert is about 45-60 min.


A LIVE IN STUDIO RECORDING of the Winter and Sacred Tree Concert is available to purchase at our store here (you can also stream tracks from the album there) as well as at the concerts.

We are able to assist with promotion, ticket links, etc and can also provide our own PA system as needed.

(If desired, we can add a second set of “regular To Wake You songs.)


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About To Wake You
To Wake You’s Mark Davis (US) and Karoline Hausted (DK) bring 30+ years of experience as acclaimed touring musicians as well as studies in Contemplative Musicianship and Kundalini Yoga. Accollades include a Danish Folk Grammy nomination (Karoline) and voted Orange County’s Album of the Decade by the Los Angeles Times (Mark).  Karoline and Mark are also members of the SLO-based, award winning quartet Shadowlands.

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“Songs that linger around the corners of your soul long past their plays.”
- Global Texan Chronicles

“If you ever get a chance to see To Wake You live - jump at it. I promise you’ll be glad you did.”
- Simply-begin.com

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