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Tilbage til Haven - Voices & Traces

en musikvandring på Sneptrup Præstegårdssti

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Tilbage til Haven - Voices & Traces

a music walk at Sneptrup Præstegård Trail

A. For the music walk you will need a set of headphones and a mobile phone
with access to the Internet.
With headphones you will get the absolute best experience - and thus neither disturb the nature or other guests on the Præstegård trail.

B. Refer to the map in the folder or on the display to see the route to follow, including the place names and numbers. 

You will start the music at the marker before the two large angels and begin your walk.  The music is designed for you to walk along the path at an easy tempo without having to stop or start the music. Each piece of music fits its own section along the path. This includes visits with the wooden figures and the lake for around 2-3 minutes each.  In the landscape, you can orientate yourself via the numbered blue stones which correspond with the start of each section.

The total trip lasts approximately 40 minutes.

C. Access the music by: 

- Using the full playlist file above on this page.


- Using the following link to find the album on your favorite music streaming service. 


For the best experience, we recommend avoiding services that will shuffle the playlist or insert advertisements. Track 12 is the full playlist on one track with spoken titles to guide you.




About Back to Haven - Voices & Traces
In the countryside at Sneptrup (Denmark), the musicians
Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis have created a
soundtrack for a walk along Præstegårdsstien.
With headphones you are guided along the path to
the sound of music composed entirely especially for this landscape and the places along the route. On the path that goes through beautiful fields and
forests, you meet Allan Bo Jensen's wooden sculptures. 
They are inspired by biblical archetypes and
stories, sparking the imagination, and becoming "fellow hikers" along the trail.
For the music composers, it has been essential to create a varied soundscape corresponding to the variations in the landscape. At the same time, there is “room" in the music to give space for one’s own thoughts.
Back to Haven - Voices & Traces is an invitation to enjoy nature and at the same time to reflect more closely on our role in nature.

The Præstegård Trail is a nature path at Sneptrup, Skanderborg, managed
by a group of volunteers who work to maintain the interests of nature around the Præstegård. The primary route is five kilometers long with alternate routes of shorter distance. The path includes a 100-metre wooden footbridge in Bredmosen, a shelter with a campfire, packed lunch houses and information displays. Scattered throughout are biblical wooden sculptures by the artist Allan Bo Jensen. There is public (free) access to the trail, which is owned by Ovsted-Tåning-Hylke parish council.

Sneptrupvej 4
8660 Skanderborg