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To Wake You - A Summer Concert

Hytten Broagermark, Broagermark 8, Broager, Danmark

Eftermiddags koncert søndag d 28.8.2022 kl 14.30 Kom og nyd en afslappende eftermiddagskoncert med “To Wake you” der vender tilbage for første gang siden deres hyggelige “Winther and the sacred tree “-koncert i februar. “To Wake you” er en sonisk dans mellem danske Karoline Hausted og amerikanske Mark Davis ( nytilflyttet i Midtjylland ) Med keyboard , guitar ,Keltisk harpe og stemmer er denne musik skabt til at synke hen i og rejse til en anden verden fuld af undren, mystik og hjerte- et perfekt soundtrack til de dejlige rammer om den smukke Hytten. Koncerten præsenteres i 2 sæt med en pause imellem. Pris 150,- inkl the/kaffe og kage betales til Mark på mobilpay inden el senest på dagen 71792242

Afternoon concert Sunday 28.8.2022 at 14.30 Come enjoy a relaxing afternoon concert with “To Wake You” returning for the first time since their cosy “Winter and the sacred tree” concert in February. "To Wake you" is a sonic dance between Danish Karoline Hausted and American Mark Davis (newly moved to Central Jutland). With keyboard, guitar, Celtic harp and voices this music is created to sink into and travel to another world full of wonder n, mystery and heart- one perfect soundtrack for the lovely setting about the beautiful Cabin. The concert is presented in 2 sets with a break in between. Price 150,- including tea/coffee and cake to be paid to Mark on Mobilepay before electricity at the latest of the day 71792242

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Video - To Wake You on their single "What Is It/To Wake you?"


“Not knowing what to expect, I'm a blank slate entering the early show featuring To Wake You. For me, there is something primitively soothing about the music I was hearing and it went straight to my soul. Between the musical harmony and the rhythmic melodies,

To Wake You is taking the small crowd into a hypnotic state. It was at that moment I realized what music could do to people!

Can a mere song change people's minds? I doubt that it is so. But a song can infiltrate your heart and the heart may change your mind. To Wake You replayed past memories, awoken forgotten worlds and made minds travel. “



…It was at Esalen that I had the great pleasure of hearing To Wake You in Concert a couple of months ago (…) If you ever get a chance to hear them live -- together as To Wake You or solo -- jump at it. I promise you'll be glad you did.

-Ty Webster //


“Where The Day Went” is an outlier in modern collections of music which represent the unfathomable pace of globalization. Stitching together a quiet reflection, To Wake You capture their truly abstract form within the cinematography of the piece.

The song itself is a peacefully crafted candidate for exploring how time can so easily slip away. Any perceived vagueness ought to be swept aside, and instead taken as a prompt to seek the deeper significance of their creation.

While some listeners may find it challenging to engage with, the philosophical nature of Mark and Karoline’s musical collaborations invite an appreciation of finer details. As a standalone introduction to the duo’s talents, excitement should be a natural response to how close we are to the release of Beauty In The Smallest Things — whose title only compounds those observations. 4.5/5.

 -Michael Brummett  // Impose Magazine, January 31, 2017


"You’re going to have listen to To Wake You’s “What Is It?” and “To Wake You” back-to-back to fully appreciate their poetry. That’s not to say the singles aren’t great individually, but the full effect is felt with both playing immediately after each other.(...) The first one is more light-hearted lyrically and in tone, with Hausted’s vocals full of unrestrained hope, curiosity, and sincerity. The flipside is Davis’ “To Wake You” single, which is darker, slightly more sensual, and hauntingly beautiful. If “What Is It?” is the start of a relationship, full of wonder and almost child-like optimism, always questioning, like the title suggests, then “To Wake You” is the answer to those questions, ones we might not always want to know the answer to. And I kind of love both of them a lot."

-Katey Stoetzel // Impose Magazine


"The reason you shouldn’t listen to something just once and then dismiss it is because you may miss out on gems such as To Wake You – “Not Gonna Fall". A sparse and sprawling track of seemingly hopeful love, quiet positivity or perhaps perseverance most likely all three.

To Wake You’s Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis certainly conjure up romantic dreams of fabled The Swell Season and this is that feeling of comfortable vs. uncertainty meets you canthat makes this track swell for all seasons forward moving romantics."

-Walter Price //